How to care for your jewellery

The jewellery and products will age and tarnish naturally. Clean regularly or let them age gracefully.

What to avoid

  • Metals react with liquids, especially chemicals and exposure can cause jewellery to tarnish. 
  • We recommend our customers to remove their jewellery before participation in physical activity. Always bear in mind that jewellery must not be exposed to the chlorine or salt water, as this will dull the appearance.
  • Be sure to apply your cosmetics before wearing your favourite pieces.
  • Do not spray perfume directly onto or around your jewellery.
  • Avoid impact with hard surfaces, including other items of jewellery. This will protect them against scratching and chipping.

High shine polished items

  • Jewellery that is finished with a high shine polish is highly susceptible to showing up tarnish because of this it is essential to take extra care of your items in order to keep them blemish free.

Oxidised silver finish

  • Items which are oxidised and finished in a high shine polish are highly susceptible to scratching, which may remove the finish. Take extra care with these items to avoid impact with hard objects, surfaces and other jewellery items. 

Gold plated items

  • All gold plated items are plated with a layer of 14k, 18k or 24 carat gold plating. An alloy is mixed with the gold to give the desired yellow gold or rose gold colour. Depending on the alloy that is used in the plating, adverse reactions can occur when the gold plating comes into contact with chemicals.
  • Your perfumes, cosmetics and everyday house hold cleaning products may tarnish your pieces. 


  • Gem stones are delicate and will chip or shatter on impact with hard surfaces. Handle them with delicate care. Store your jewellery properly in boxes.
  • Please that stones that crack due to customer’s mishandling will not be viewed as faulty.

Cleaning your jewellery

  • All metals oxidise naturally with time. We advise to only use a specialised jewellery cleaning cloth to clean and remove any tarnishing. Jewellery cleaning cloths can be purchased from any jewellery store. 
  • Home Remedy: Clean your jewellery with lukewarm water and a little tiny dash of dish soap. Using a soft-bristled toothbrush, gently scrub the jewelry with the solution and rinse off with clean water. You may also use a silver polishing cloth to maintain the shine.
  • Take care not to over polish plated objects as you may remove the plating.
  • Be sure to wash your hands after using a specialized jewellery cloth. The chemical in the cloth is harmful to human.



  • Store your item in a moisture free room, in the box or pouch provided. Moisture and humidity can cause oxidisation and for this reason, avoid storing your item in your bathroom. Also, keep your jewellery away from all sources of heat.

Adjusting your items

  • Adjust your item to the correct size by applying light pressure to bend the metal. Please keep in mind that continual adjustment will cause the metal to fatigue and may cause damage.
  • Adjustable rings are designed to be altered to your size once, any damage caused by excessive bending will not be viewed as a product fault.